Turn Around

what is the turn around program?

The Turn Around Program is a comprehensive intervention program to empower kindergarten through eighth-grade students to realize their full potential and continue on an educational path. The program focuses on students who are chronically suspended, behaviorally challenged or have had little mainstream success.  Research has shown that one reason students drop out is a lack of belief in themselves. Suspensions remove students from classrooms and away from the support of their teachers, so it’s difficult for them to catch up when they return. Through effective mentorship, students are able to  increase school attendance, improve behavior, eliminate disciplinary infractions, and achieve more positive outcomes.

What To Expect

The Turn Around Program begins with an initial interview with the student, their parents and educators in order to establish a good understanding of the child’s behaviour. We work with the child to catch them up on subjects they missed while being expelled and provide additional academic support, discovering the root causes of their behavioural problems. We follow up weekly with the family, continuing to work with the child after school hours and during our Summer School program.

Our Mission

To implement a creative and exciting way to turn around school performances and reduce the number of suspensions by 90%.

I hated going to school, I never felt like the teachers or the other students liked me. I guess I was acting like a clown because it made people laugh and I thought that meant they liked me. 

I was wrong. Real friends never want to see you making a fool of yourself. I’m very grateful to the Turn Around program for teaching me how to make friends the right way and how to seek positive attention.

Taylor Johnson – Student

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Reduce Suspensions and Explusions by 90%