Lunch Friends

What Is The Lunch Friends Program?

Lunch Friends is an exciting program offered by our school district that pairs a student with a mentor who visits once a week for lunch. Lunch Friends is unlike other programs because of our five-tiered matching process which helps us find a mentor that truly matches the student’s personality and preferences. This friendly interaction over lunch will help break down communication barriers and improve social skills.

What To Expect

Our Lunch Friends program is designed to pair a child with a mentor who excels in an interest the child wants to learn more about in their school, home, or community. They’ll be matched one-on-one through an application, and will meet once a week for the entire school year–or however long the child wants.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, but not easy. We strive to share 10,000 lunches with kids in need and build long-lasting friendships. It all starts with one deliciously healthy lunch. By sharing a nutritious meal and common interests, Lunch friends can engage young minds in an environment where learning and laughter are mutually inclusive.

Since grade 4 I’ve sat alone every day for lunch. 
While most kids are excited about lunch I was always nervous. It always felt so socially awkward to be sitting alone. My mentor Monica helped me feel less alone, and a little cooler. We both love music and will spend the entire lunch arguing who is better Beyonce or Rihanna! Thank you to DUTY and to Monica for making me feel a little less alone, and a lot more confident. 

Makayala Antwon – Student

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10,000 Goal