Academic Success

What Is The Academic Success Program?

Students who are having academic setbacks are paired with a qualified mentor. Together they’ll participate in a structured 7-month program to help instill core values and motivate the child to strive for their best.

What To Expect

Academic Success incorporates immersive online academic curriculums that are created for each student and based on results from the diagnostic assessment. These programs are designed to give students a solid foundation in the core subject areas.  The system is always monitoring student progress, presenting new content and adapting where necessary to ensure success grounded in real-world application.

Our Mission

To provide academically at-risk middle school and high school students with a rigorous academic intervention that will enable an accelerated learning trajectory so that they can meet and exceed grade-level standards, and increase the Delkab Country graduation rate by 10% to bring it up to the National average.

I love to make math fun and engaging. I also love to help students who feel that they are not good at math or that they hate math. It’s my passion to bring out the greatness in all of my students. It fills me with immense joy when I can take a child from hating and struggling in math to thriving and succeeding on a consistent basis.

Jamar Thomas – Mentor

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