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Duty Mentors stands for...

Declared Underprivelged Troubled Youth

Our  mentoring program is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides mentoring programs for elementary, middle and high school youth in the Delkab County Metropolitan area. We foster partnerships with local school districts to foster a commitment to people that will promote friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reassert a sense of hope in the future. 

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Our Mentorship Goal

Our Mission

Every Child, Every Need, and Every Solution for Success!

The mission of D.U.T.Y is the pursuit of the following principles:


To inspire pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future.


To empower youth in establishing goals and following through on commitments.


 D.U.T.Y wants to expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life’s possibilities.


 An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. D.U.T.Y wants to surround young people in a caring, inclusive learning environment.

President's Message

Jonnitta Haimes

As a mother of four children, I understand that society has placed certain barriers, that make it more challenging for our babies to find their way in this world. I remember having a mentor throughout my youth. They helped correct destructive behaviour, and they provided a safe place for me to express myself and my dreams. I am who am today because I had someone who cared for me, who corrected me, who supported me.

I believe every child deserves this type of relationship as well.

Through D.U.T.Y I hope to make a difference in the lives of all children. To empower  children to succeed by providing dynamic, holistic programs that integrate academics, enrichment and self-esteem. These programs help to eliminate the barriers of poverty, single-parent homes, generational dysfunction and peer pressure among young our youth.

We are committed to mentoring 1 million American Youth by 2030. 

Will you help us reach our goal?

Our Team

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Meet the dedicated group of people who are the heart of soul of our foundation.

Jonnitta Haimes


Timothy Venable

Vice President

Michael Aromolaran

Strategy Advisory

Latosha Allen

Board Director

Lashun Taylor

Family Achievement Coach

Fredisha Davis

Mentor/ Web Content Collaborator

Maureen Foster

Volunteer Coordinator

Callie Oglesby

Volunteer Coordinator